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i_ampermfree's Journal

I am perm FREE!
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Natural Healthy Hair

The Emancipation of the Creamy Crack (also known As Perm)

This journal is for the women who are on a journey to natural healthy hair. For women who go to salons every four to six weeks to get their hair permed, risking their scalps and edges to be burned. No longer will we have to subject ourselves to these chemicals in order to have long, straight, and flowing hair. Our hair is naturally curly, kinky curly, and even nappy but it is beautiful. Let’s not conform ourselves into what the media says we should look like. We should take pride in who we are and what God gave us when we were born, by starting to appreciate and love ourselves from the head to toe. It will be a long journey, it might be longer for others, but we can all do it together and look Naturally Beautiful!

This journal will contain advice, tips, styles, and ways to maintain your natural do….Please feel free to express your journey to natural hair.

All members please post how long you have been perm free and a picture of your natural style!